Like any tool or technology there can be amazingly positive uses – and amazingly destructive uses. I remember the debate about videos machines in the home and then the schools. We need to control what is seen! Ha. Well, those days are over. We have totally lost control, especially with the internet. YouTube is fantastic concept and invention. The educator in me knows that internet videos are an enormous resource of learning. At the same time, internet videos can be used to present false information, degrade others and be a source of mindless so called entertainment (watching someone else play video games comes to mind….).

But who gets to define “constructive”, “useful” and who defines what is “worthwhile” entertainment or mindless idiocy? There are hard questions. But necessary. Show the positive uses at home and at school. Help children and young adults with their own definition of “value” and how they use their time. Old school thought? I guess, but the “value” issue is critical. Talk about it.