There are lots of clever “homework” reading ideas from Reading Bingo to Reading Treasure Hunts, etc. One I liked was reading homework to be carried out in different places during the week or month ahead. Examples: in a park, in the kitchen, under the covers in bed, in the bathroom, on top of a hill. It could also be about different times: before breakfast, during lunch, before playing a computer game, five minutes once every hour between 5PM and 9PM, etc. One school rang a “reading bell” at an unpredictable time each day and everyone – staff and students – had to stop what they were doing and read for twenty minutes.

These ideas, obviously, are to make reading a bit more fun and adventurous – and normal. Of course, some kids and adults are avid readers, some are not. But one thing is clear, though there are more and more opportunities to learn by watching videos and the like, we can still rank reading as the number one skill for conscious learning.

Some cultures – Russian culture comes to mind – are reading cultures while the USA has turned into a more visual-kinesthetic culture with visual media playing a more and more important role.

As we recognize the importance of and build towards a learning society, we need to recognize the continued importance of good reading skills. Start by identifying what, when and where you read. What is just for pleasure? What is for consciously learning a new concept or skill?

How can you (or how can you help children and young adults) become more skillful readers who enjoy the reading experience?