Once upon a time, the mantra of any retail businessperson was “location, location, location”. This is still true for physical stores even if sales via the internet are becoming more common and more important. It is still the mantra of the school system – students are supposed to go to a physical location to learn. In almost all countries it is obligatory.

We all know that learning takes place in many settings, not just schools. If we wish to evolve and modernize the school system a good place to start is to experiment with location. For example, one day a week locating learning to other places – farms, industries, galleries, museums, nature, etc. Sure, school outings take place already, but what about doing it more systematically and more a part of the learning routines of school? It has to be well-prepared and well-structured to work. These new experiences can greatly enhance motivation and learning.

There is a message here to parents. Please don’t just “send the kids to school” to learn. You have a huge responsibility for your child’s learning. So take those outings seriously and take nature walks, trips to museums or just wander around explaining the buildings and your town’s history.

I will not even mention all the possibilities of learning through the internet. We’ll get back to that. Just remember that location-location-location is a key variable to experiment with. Think of it like this: location 1: school, location 2: home, location 3: outside the school and home. Vary the location and you will enhance the learning.