There are three key concepts in the learning process. The first has to do with your belief system. It’s the mental or psychological aspect of learning. It is simply easier to learn if you believe you can learn, think that is possible, want to learn, see the need and see the usefulness and meaning if what you are about to learn.

It’s not all about “you” and that choice. It’s also about the teacher or mentor you meet and his or her introduction to the topic. Curiosity and the desire to learn is easy to extinguish by saying things like, “This is almost impossible to learn. Last year’s group didn’t understand anything. I don’t like this either but it’s in the curriculum. Actually, you have no use for this material, but we have to get through it anyway.” I think you’d be surprised at how often I hear phrases like that.

We all understand the importance of motivation. In this learning society blog, we will get back to the issue of motivation time and time again. How do we motivate ourselves? How to schools and teacher take motivation into consideration? How do teachers create the belief that we can learn?

The first step is understanding that crucial aspect of desiring to learn, believing it is possible, believing in your own ability to learn and seeing the usefulness and advantages.