Books & Lectures

Current lecture topics in English for the public sector, for examples schools, and for business. Contact John by e-mail.

How to find your BIG idea? Value leadership (as a teacher, headmaster, company leader or group leader). A practical, inspiring lecture/workshop about re-finding purpose, core values and how to ask key questions when leading, coaching or mentoring.John forelaser.jpg

How to find strengths in three minutes In this lecture/workshop we explore a simple, short and to the point model for finding and building upon strengths. Live demonstrations, practice and lots of insights into strength theory.

How to learn fifty names in fifteen minutes   This is a “train the trainer” lecture and course about how to help yourself and others learn. You have your core competency, but how do you teach it to others and how do you organize the proper setting and methodology for learning?

What the best teachers do well In this lecture/workshop I describe the results of hundreds of classroom visits. What do excellent teachers do well and how can we learn from their values, attitudes, methods and principles. Practical examples about leadership in the classroom.

How to design schools for the new generation This lectures explores the future of learning and the future of schooling and relates best to the issues addressed in this learning society blog. How do we go from extrinsic learning to intrinsic learning – in and out of school? Let’s look to the future of learning.


I have published over 50 books, though most are in Swedish. Both Swedish and English titles are available on Amazon. Here’s a link to one of my series of three about leading, training and talking to your staff. The books are called: Please Train Your Staff: Here’s How, Please Talk to Your Staff: Here’s How, Please Lead Your Staff: Here’s How.