The book title, Never Eat Alone, resonates with me. Keith Ferrazzis concept, of course, is that networking is an integral part of anyone’s business these days and to never let an opportunity pass to learn, share and influence. It resonates personally with me because, while I recognize its value, I am an idea person, not a people person. It’s fine to go out to lunch with a friend or a natural part of a course or conference, but to actually call up somebody you want to meet but don’t know or know well feels uncomfortable.

But that’s the theme of several blog posts here on – learning by challenging that darn comfort zone.

So make that list – start with five people that you’d like to meet, people that you can learn from, people that you’d like to know better, or people who have ideas that fascinate you. Start with people that you know would not be impossible to meet, perhaps a friend of a friend. One more recommendation – meet them not to sell or share your idea, just to learn and listen.