I am a newcomer to podcasts. I am embarrassed that it took me fifteen years to discover them. I am an impatient learner. Reading goes faster and I can skip the irrelevant stuff or the repetitive stuff. It is much harder to skip and fast play through a podcast though you can double the speed of the talking.

My discovery was that many of these professional podcasts – and I am especially thinking of podcasts from the National Public Radio in the USA- are amazingly professionally produced and simply a true pleasure to listen to. NPR podcasts are not simply people in front of a microphone sounding off, they are filled with interviews, stories and investigate journalism that often present new perspective and new insights. I am in awe.

I listen in the car and while I jog. It’s something I listen to while doing something else. And this fits me perfectly. Time flies. I learn. In other words, they make me into a happy jogger or happy driver – and I assure you that’s not easy to do.

This fits my way of learning much more than online courses and podcasts compliment my reading.

A learning society creates untold numbers of learning opportunities. The phenomenon of podcasts is just one example. We will explore others.

One of my favorites is not about learning or schooling but about the economy and it’s called Planet Money, on NPR. Check it out!