The old saying “Practice makes perfect” we know is not true. Instead, one should say, “Perfect practice makes perfect.” Another old saying is that “Repetition is the mother of all knowledge.

Even small children know the importance of training and practicing. If our efforts to help children, and ourselves, learn, we urge this awareness of the importance of practice. The key, however, is not that you practice, but how you practice. It’s about quality – or another phrase I like, “deliberate practice.”

Every sportsman or musician knows the importance of deliberate practice – focusing on a specific skill, hard passage or difficult situation.

Mastering difficulties and challenges are about knowing what to practice, the decision to focus and a choosing a method for practicing. Think about this the next time you give homework, ask a student to practice more or when you yourself want to learn an important or difficult skill.

What would you like to specifically and deliberately practice today – so that you are better at it tomorrow?