Sure. We do that all the time. The ideal is to get people to want to learn – or to let people learn what they want to learn. But we insist upon enforcing curriculums upon students. The idea of crafting a learning society is to be more open to learning that occurs as a naturally part of our living and being – learning hardly even thinking that we are learning.

But being forced is not all bad. It’s good to explore concepts we wouldn’t normally pursue –  or being forced out of our comfort zones. I remember a course at college that required that we publish a letter to the editor in order to pass the course. It was to be about something that we felt passionate about. I’d never done that before and it was challenging and then rewarding experience to take a public stance on certain issue. This is, however, another type of “forced learning” than just learning to pass a test. We can call it forced uncomfort – and that certainly affects our learning and growth.