The learning society blog is about learning in and outside of schools. Learning is more than just about what you do at school. Everything from the internet to messages on restaurant placemats to historical signs on buildings to museums and galleries, and of course the media in physical and social forms offer learning opportunities. In this blog I explore learning in all it’s various forms.Johnbra (kopia) kopia 2

My background – PhD. in educational psychology, author of 50 books and 30 e-books, experienced and dare I say dynamic lecturer. I am originally from the USA but have been living and working in Sweden most of my adult life. Past work experience – university lecturer, elementary school principal and president of my own publishing and consulting company. I have a deep commitment in the concept of empowerment – helping people to help themselves explore, learn and grow. My training is in humanistic psychology and humanistic education. Send an e-mail.

The photographer for this blog is Michael Steinberg, michaelsteinberg.se.
Michael is an excellent professional life-style and portrait photographer. E-mail to Michael.